5 Home Remodeling Ideas That Will Increase Your Living Space AND Your Return on Investment!


August 21, 2014

Home Improvement, Remodeling

Ideas for a home addition

When adding additions on to your home, homeowners have varied needs, choosing the right addition to meet these needs is a difficult decision. Some circumstances could be a child returning home after college, you need more square footage for a growing family, an elderly parent requiring your care, or adding space to entertain more guests at the same time.  We’ve highlighted a few areas of the home to get your creative and problem solving juices flowing. Renaissance Exteriors is a trusted West Michigan Contractor, you can be confident in choosing us to make your dreams a reality.

Kitchen Area

The kitchen area is one that is used daily.  If you are a family that eats together at the table or congregates in this room of the house, you may want to consider enlarging your eat-in area.  This could be taking some space out of your family room, adding a kick-out breakfast nook, or even cutting into the dining room if you have one.  

If you want to extend a dining area outside, consider putting French or sliding doors on an existing wall. If the existing room is above the ground, you will have to have a deck built to walk out on.  Changing a wall into an area to walk out on extends the look and feel of the room. 


A sunroom can easily act as another family room since our weather in West Michigan is nice enough most month’s to enjoy.  You will need to have an entrance to the room via your existing home structure, you could even have one leading out of the room to the outside.  This addition is usually done on a walkout at ground level, but does not have to be.  The walls could be glass with the option to add screens, the possibilities are varied while this is a room full of natural light and views of the outdoors.  Don’t forget to insulate this addition.  You may not use it in the colder months but that won’t keep the cold air from trying to get in.  

Home Office

Working from home or telecommuting is common in the Greater Atlanta area. Do you have a designated space for the work to flow? Or are you like most worker bees, working at the kitchen table and having to setup and break down every time someone wants to eat a meal? Planning an addition or renovating an unused basement space to be used as a home office is an excellent idea to keep the career and home balanced. You and your family will thank you.

Exercise room

Commercial gyms are extremely popular. One of the biggest reasons people use to not exercise is;  “I don’t have time to go”.  When you belong to a gym, you are bound by the hours they are open and therefore restricted.  If you have a room and fill it with your own equipment, you will find it much easier and convenient to get that needed exercise.  A family membership at a medium sized gym can cost you well over a $1500 dollars a year. 

 Return on Investment?

Remodeling did all the number crunching for you with this handy chart of projects, costs and percentage recouped. We noticed over a 60% return on all additions so it makes sense to enjoy your living space before you leave it. Some home owners wait to make improvements when they think of selling a home, why give all your hard work over to someone else right away? Make your home a livable and enjoyable space that fits with your lifestyle and then when you are ready to sell trust that the investment was worth it.

ROI on investment of an addition for 2014