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Renaissance Exteriors offers complete solutions for all your Greater Grand Rapids Roofing needs. Even if your home doesn’t require an entirely new roofing system; there are ways to fix issues with, and to upgrade, your existing roof to help the current roofing system keep your home protected.


Roofing Ventilation

As homeowners, we tend to forget our attic is more than just storage. If your roof isn’t ventilating properly through the space in your attic, many expensive problems will occur. For instance, if your attic isn’t within about 5 degree temperature range from the outside at all times: your shingles will deteriorate more quickly because they are being baked by the heat from the attic as well as the hot sun. And in the winter your roof will gather ice dams, weighing your roof down with excess snow, ice, and water, causing serious damage. Improper roof ventilation will also significantly raise your energy bills due to the heating and cooling systems constantly trying to compensate for the attic’s temperature.

Renaissance Exteriors offers a variety of ventilation options including Gable Vents, Edge Vents, Attic Fans, Ridge Vents, Hat/Can vents, & Edge Vents. Our expert representative will provide a free/no obligation estimate. They will carefully examine how your roof currently ventilates as well as how it takes in air. We will discuss all your options and provide recommendations based on our 18 years of experience in the Greater Grand Rapids Area.



Without an effective gutter system on your home, rainwater and snow melt can begin to cause unsightly stains and mold on your siding as well as splash back grease and dirt onto your foundation. This erosion can damage expensive plants and disrupt landscaping like wood chips and moss. This uncontrolled water can also cause structural damage to the outside walls and/or the foundation of a building over time. By getting water to stop dripping down the walls, you are also helping to protect your doors and windows from rot and deterioration as well.

The professionals at Renaissance Exteriors regularly see damage caused by an in-effective or non-existent gutter systems and would love to help you choose which gutter system will protect your home season after season in Grand Rapids.

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