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June 17, 2014

Decking, Exteriors, Home Improvement, Remodeling

IMG_1675Putting a deck on your house is perhaps the easiest way to increase your living space. And with summers in Michigan being as close to perfect as it gets, spending more time outside is good for the whole family. However the other side to the story that Michigan summers tell, is Michigan winters. When you’re thinking of putting a deck on your home, or replacing an old deck, its important to consider weather patterns in Michigan to make intelligent decisions about design, materials and placement of your new deck.

Installing a deck is also a solid investment in a home’s equity. In fact, it has one of the highest cost to value ratios of any exterior remodeling project. That means, a nice deck gets close to paying for itself when it comes time to sell. Because of this, you carefully consider how your deck will look and perform over the long term.

Today, builders and designers are conjuring up extravagant decks, comprised of durable hardwoods or eco-friendly composites that curve sinuously around built-in spas or firepit areas. Decks have become auxiliary kitchens as well as additional seating and entertainment space.  Decks are becoming more hospitable, with well-lit dining areas, portable heat lamps, and furniture with water and fade resistant material – making it easier and easier to enjoy your backyard.

Often located off the kitchen, dining, or living room to extend indoor eating or entertaining spaces, decks are also increasingly popular off master suites as a private place to watch the sunrise/set, as platforms around pools, and as stand-alone installations in a quiet corner of the yard. Keep in mind the site’s orientation, too: A south-facing deck is great for sunbathing, but may be too hot for enjoying a meal.

You should get creative when designing your deck. Building in deck features helps to segment the space for various functions and make your deck more efficient. Permanent planters are a great way to bring seasonal color or garden growing to your deck. Hinged-top benches can provide seating and dry storage for cushions and other supplies. Masonry firepits can extend the outdoor entertaining season, and specialty features like outdoor kitchen cabinets, fixtures, and appliances bring the chef outside to the party.


Here at Renaissance, we’ve seen Michigan decks even be the solution to a problem yard. An uneven grade, a rocky outcropping, or, as in the case of many Lakeside Michigan Homes – shifting sands. Because the punishing elements—lake effect weather, in particular—can be murder on a deck, lakeside homeowners most often use deck materials that would stand up to the harsh environment. Weather-resistant composite boards, which are manufactured from recycled sawdust and plastic, and cellular PVC are two of the most design friendly and durable materials on the market today. The Michigan Lakeshore specific installation also allows the boards to expand and contract with changing temperatures and humiditWe have deck materials and designs to suit any yard, home and budget. And with over 18 Years of experience with remodeling in Grand Rapids and the Lakeshore, we LOVE designing and constructing decks that are engineered to withstand the hot and cold of West Michigan.

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