Roofing Ventilation Services in Grand Rapids, MI

As homeowners, we tend to forget our attic is more than just storage.

Did you know that roofing shingles deteriorate faster if the temperature inside your attic isn’t within 5 degrees of the outside temperature? Roofing ventilation prolongs the lifespan of your roof and also helps keep your house comfortable year-round. For the best attic ventilation, be sure to contact our roofing contractors at Renaissance Exteriors for your no-obligation estimate.

You need roofing ventilation to prevent your roof from needing premature roof replacement. Shingles deteriorate quickly when they are backed by heat from the attic in addition to the heat they get from the sun. A roof without proper ventilation will also gather ice dams in the winter, which weighs your roof down with excess snow, ice, and water.

Without proper roof ventilation, your attic can become a significant source of energy loss. When your heating and cooling systems are forced to work harder to compensate for the temperature inside your attic, you end up with high energy bills. Our roof contractors use the best roof ventilation methods, such as attic ventilation fans to prevent energy loss.

Our roof ventilation options include:

  • Attic fans
  • Gable vents
  • Edge vents
  • Ridge vents
  • Hat/can vents
  • Edge vents

The Grand Rapids roofers at Renaissance Exteriors work hard to make sure your roofs are properly ventilated and last for years to come. If you are interested in learning more about our roofing ventilation services or any of our residential roofing services, be sure to give us a call at (616) 446-1248.