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Yes, a leaking roof is an emergency. The longer you wait to call our roofing contractors, the more water will drip into your home. Water damage only gets worse with time, which is why you should call us as soon as you notice your roof is leaking.

Continue reading to learn how our roofing contractors in Grand Rapids, MI can help. We’ll also tell you how you can prevent water damage in the meantime.

Roof Leaking Emergencies

Reduce Ceiling Damage

Is the ceiling starting to bulge under the weight of the water? Try not to panic. All water has the same goal, which is to flow down to the lowest point in the easiest way possible. Sometimes this means flowing down to create a ceiling leak.

After several hours, you might have many spots in your ceiling where water is trying to escape. If this is the case, poke a small hole where you see a bulge in the ceiling or where there seems to be the most moisture. Place a bucket underneath to catch the dripping. Doing this will reduce the damage done to your ceilings and save you money in water damage repair.

Be Mindful of Electricity

Is there water in any light fixtures? If so, immediately shut off your home's electricity via the breaker box. Water and electricity create a dangerous combination. This is why you shouldn't try to release the water from the light fixture yourself. Don't even turn off the light switch. Instead, call us to schedule emergency roof repair. You’ll also need to call an emergency electrician to install a new light fixture.

Find the Leaks

No one wants to go into a dusty attic in the middle of a thunderstorm, but it’s what we’re advising you to do next. If you want to stop the leak, you’ll need to find it first. It’s not uncommon for the leak in the roof and the leak in your ceiling to not align. Take your time and keep looking.

Was your roof installed over a layer of plywood? If so, the water will move from the outside point of entry in your roof to the nearest plywood joint. Also, keep in mind that water will travel along the unique slope of your roof. Finding the source of the leak is important for minimizing water damage to your home. It’ll also help our contractors with roof leak repair.

Call Our Roofing Contractors

There's little else you can do during a rain storm but call our roofing contractors. Once the rain subsides, it'll be safe enough for us to inspect your roof. Do NOT try to climb onto the roof yourself, especially when it's raining. It's not worth slipping and falling off your roof, risking serious injury. Instead, wait for our roofing contractors to arrive.

Once we arrive at your home, we'll inspect the condition of your leaking roof and recommend repairs. Often, we're able to do a temporary roof leak repair to tide you over until there's better weather. Depending on what we see, we may recommend roof repair or replacement. If the damage is severe, you may not be able to avoid roof replacement.

Our roofing contractors in Grand Rapids, MI are ready to inspect your roof and start repairs. Want to request a design consultation for emergency roof repair? Call Renaissance Exteriors & Remodeling at (616) 446-1248.